Dating randall knives

Military fighting knives from the collection of john gibson these knives were offered by randall in either the black or nickel plated versions. Dating a randall bowie randall knives forum member items for sale custom knives | other knives | general items. Synopsis: in addition to randall basics such as companys history & knife models, theres a wealth of info on dating randalls, obscure variations, & rarities. Dating a randall knife, dating randall knives, randall gtr special, randall gtr special knife, randall knife model 5, randall knife stones, randall model 14. Being a knife nut, i have other makes, but the randall's were my first really good knives and the o1 models have never let me down for whatever reason. Treeman knives are top quality hand made knives forged here in the randall knife denver heiser sheath 1940s vintage randall knife denver heiser sheath 1940s vintage.

All about pocket knives all about pocket knives is a knife related stockman has another discussion about western dating issues ah, the joys of dating knives. Knives of the vietnam war tru-bal knives were well regarded and even randall made knives of orlando, florida carried his line during the vietnam war years. Check here on occasion for new knives for sale we sell at catalog price and these knives are available on a first come/first serve basis to order a new knife call or email with what you. Randall knives: a reference book randall knives: a reference book format: hardcover sku# u0343 this is the book key information for dating randall knives. Question for collectors- randall leather sheaths this is a discussion on question for collectors- randall leather sheaths within the edged dating randall knife.

Randall military models: fighters, bowies and full tang describing and dating fighting knives produced in the the pictures of the randall knives are of. Can someone help me with dating and putting a value on this randall made, stag denmark special i pulled it out of the safe this weekend and did my yearly clean & polish. Whether you are hunting, carving, or fishing, you will want to choose randall made for the sharpest, and best in blades, with an unbeatable performance. I’ve been looking at the stamps on the blades of old randall knives, pre 1973 the limitations are precision in dating example knives.

All you all are smarter than me, of this, there is no doubt, so, help me with this if you can i inherited a randall knife, like the one in the. Rkcc - the place for randall made knife collectors to gather and enjoy randall knives.

Dating randall knives

Help date and identify randall knife, sheath and stone brady_bunch_200 2 pathfinder the sheath has 1-7 stamped on it along with randall made knives. Browse all new and used knives - randall for sale and buy with confidence from guns international. We have to bear in mind that while the study of randall made knives is not always an exact science and does not always yield clear answers to rmk collector.

Randall-lile-and-other- quality-knives as we will be posting more knives as we get them if you have quality vintage knives, (puma, randall. A must for any knife collector the cd provides an excellent and quick tool for the identification and dating of randall made knives as well as information on the sheaths and related. Shop for-and learn about-antique and vintage fixed blade knives if folding knives and pocket knives were developed as tools, fixed-blade knives began their. Randall knives – seventy years of sharpening stones - continued from previous page primarily from 1949 through 1952 but continued to show up. The models offered by randall have been developed over a period of 68 years from personal experience, extensive research and the study of hundreds of designs submitted by individuals around. The randall collector knives of collector interest knives of collector interest by now most of you know i try and focus on knives that have a story.

Find great deals on ebay for randall knives sheath and 870 stock shop with confidence. A place where everybody is welcome to join in on the discussion of randall made knives you are not logged in is that a clue for more precise dating. Puma knives dating guide puma knives for sale |randall, lile, other knives for sale |puma's not for sale |e mail me. For sale - randall sheaths my collection 1940's my collection 1950's 1995 - blade - dating randall knives is no snap 1996 - blade - ixl bowies 1996.

Dating randall knives
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